Chelsea Handler on Quaaludes at Jane Fonda’s, Returning to Stand-Up & Her Love of Being Naked

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Chelsea talks to guest host Phoebe Robinson about performing shows in Nashville, Scripps National Spelling Bee winner Zaila Avant-garde, getting back into stand-up after the pandemic, pre-show rituals, gambling in Vegas, taking before and after photos, doing quaaludes at Jane Fonda’s house, and her love of being naked.

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  1. Twist of Fate
    Twist of Fate
    4 天 前

    Chelsea doesn't quite look the same. I wonder what happened.

  2. MisterCovek
    7 天 前

    Holy crap, she's only 46? I thought she was like a hot 60 year old grandma. Damn. Kids, don't overuse drugs and alcohol.

  3. Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    8 天 前

    My bullshit detector just went into overdrive.

  4. Ryan McMullen
    Ryan McMullen
    8 天 前

    I love her 😍

  5. ccole742
    8 天 前

    Omg phoebe!

  6. D Y
    D Y
    9 天 前

    I like this host, didn't know who she is until now.

  7. 童子善財
    9 天 前

    Chelsea got that Joan rivers neck

    10 天 前

    Sharif don't like it . . . Rock the Casbah Rock the Casbah

  9. FearlessVampireKiller
    11 天 前

    Hot mess

  10. Cereal Killa
    Cereal Killa
    12 天 前

    White woman can brag about her (illegal) drug use, but a black woman smokes weed and gets cancelled from Olympics. I still don’t think she recognizes her privilege.

    1. Cereal Killa
      Cereal Killa
      10 天 前

      @Nnamdi Nwoha True!

    2. Nnamdi Nwoha
      Nnamdi Nwoha
      10 天 前

      Comedy rules are also different from Olympic rules. Comedians don't need to be drug tested but Olympians do...

    3. Cereal Killa
      Cereal Killa
      10 天 前

      @Pause N Think I know that’s why I mentioned it.

    4. Pause N Think
      Pause N Think
      11 天 前

      In 2019 she did a Netflix series on white privilege and her learning how ignorant she was about how much privilege she had. It’s not perfect but don’t see anybody else doing that. Of course it sucks that anybody is canceled from the Olympics for a positive for marijuana test. Thankfully people are putting pressure on the Olympic Association and maybe that decision will be reversed. In terms of weed being illegal it’s not so true now and now that you mentioned her talking about it I’m thinking that the having many famous people talk casually about how much they use marijuana is a part of normalizing it which contributes to making it legal as it is now in 17 states. Dave Chapelle comes to mind as a person who acknowledges all the time that he smokes marijuana.

  11. Sherry Hesner
    Sherry Hesner
    12 天 前


  12. Michelle Meyer
    Michelle Meyer
    12 天 前

    I love Chelsea!!!! She's a girls girl.

  13. Julio Hinojosa
    Julio Hinojosa
    12 天 前

    She ran out of money so she came out of retirement

  14. Daniel B
    Daniel B
    12 天 前

    I hate Chelsea so much! I don't know why I watched this.

  15. Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent
    12 天 前

    I’m so disappointed that she went the facelift route...

    1. Eric Johnson
      Eric Johnson
      8 天 前

      I guess age phobia got to her. She's always been attractive. IDK -- Hollywood BS. The same liberal artist types who preach "be yourself"

  16. doma sherpa
    doma sherpa
    12 天 前

    Where the jimmy go ???

    1. Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent
      12 天 前


  17. D J
    D J
    12 天 前

    Chelsea's so relatable

  18. macklemorgan freeman
    macklemorgan freeman
    12 天 前

    This was one of Epsteins buddy

    1. Cereal Killa
      Cereal Killa
      12 天 前

      Everyone was! ..What’s your point?

  19. C Armstrong
    C Armstrong
    13 天 前

    Chelsea “ I need a” handler

  20. lisa gibson
    lisa gibson
    13 天 前

    I love Chelsea handler! 💘 she is so funny!!!

  21. Sarah Pelletier
    Sarah Pelletier
    13 天 前

    The Video is really good and great

  22. Dark Jedi Knight
    Dark Jedi Knight
    13 天 前

    She is still one of the sexiest comedians in the world.

  23. vonslagle
    13 天 前

    The Clash… the only band that matters🔥

  24. Marleystrummer
    13 天 前

    Clash City Rockers t-shirt ❤❤

  25. New Message
    New Message
    13 天 前

    I love her, but I kinda hate that I love her, y'know?

  26. verdatum
    13 天 前

    I recently saw a random reddit thread discussing Quaaludes. Apparently, the people who like ludes REALLY like ludes. Just comment after comment saying either that they'd love to be able to get more or that they're glad they can't get more because it was all that they did.

    1. Peyton marceaux
      Peyton marceaux
      12 天 前

      @acmelka b hoc

    2. Evil Lyn
      Evil Lyn
      13 天 前

      Not gonna lie, clicked as soon as I saw that quaaludes were part of the discussion! I've been led to believe they're still available in Europe...sigh

    3. Gobig Orange
      Gobig Orange
      13 天 前

      @acmelka Exactly 👍

    4. acmelka
      13 天 前

      Methaqualone was banned 40 years ago... Is she 70? Is she talking about the Jane Fonda's party in 1978? I think she thinks it sounds cool and had no clue

  27. Krys Copeland
    Krys Copeland
    13 天 前

    Chelsea is right. The fact that I'm still attracted to men proves sexuality isn't a choice.

  28. T R
    T R
    13 天 前

    Black Women for Pres. TRUMP

    13 天 前


    1. Kevin Z
      Kevin Z
      13 天 前

      \\\\\\\\\ * YES OMG >>>>>>>>

  30. valdemar larsen
    valdemar larsen
    13 天 前


  31. Katie Gani
    Katie Gani
    13 天 前


    1. Katie Gani
      Katie Gani
      13 天 前

      @Arghyadip Das have a drink

    2. Katie Gani
      Katie Gani
      13 天 前

      @Arghyadip Das lmao tq

    3. Arghyadip Das
      Arghyadip Das
      13 天 前

      congratulation have a beer 🍺

  32. Monky Dollqueen
    Monky Dollqueen
    13 天 前