Chris Tucker on NBA Finals with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Turning 50 & Stand-Up at Dave Chappelle’s

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Chris talks to guest host Anthony Anderson about attending Game 4 of the NBA Finals with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Giannis making the game-saving block, turning 50, performing at Dave Chappelle’s “Camp Dave” in Ohio, and his charity golf tournament.

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  1. ExProvocation Rising
    ExProvocation Rising
    37 分钟 前

    This host made Jimmy Kimmel scream BLM...after that I lost respect for both of them.

  2. Dee Rich
    Dee Rich
    2 小时 前

    He still looks young af. Teach me your ways big brother sir!

  3. Don Corleone
    Don Corleone
    2 小时 前

    Chris Tucker is definitely on that Coca Cola lool his eyes are in different post/zip codes...

  4. Tovi Estrada
    Tovi Estrada
    2 小时 前


  5. Shary. Schubert
    Shary. Schubert
    2 小时 前

    Chris Tucker looks great! Always hilarious! Rush hour 4 Chris. Plzzzzz.

  6. Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!
    2 小时 前

    "I wanna stay Happy!"🤣

    4 小时 前

    When this Man gone do another movie?

  8. Jean Louisse Tugna
    Jean Louisse Tugna
    5 小时 前

    Chris Tucker is a Legend!

  9. crocodilepizza
    5 小时 前

    Chris tucker looking good aging well love this dude my favorite Comedian

  10. Tamding Tamding
    Tamding Tamding
    11 小时 前

    That host s so he interview him or he feel he's guest..

  11. RichResidualsRoyaltyRobbingRecklessRecords
    12 小时 前

    This seemed forced loud and fast. So sad.

  12. Rauli Nazario
    Rauli Nazario
    13 小时 前

    Jordan you not so bad 😅🤣💪

  13. merveilles bangangu
    merveilles bangangu
    14 小时 前

    Always Good to see Chris ! one of the only one who stay faithfull to MJ !

  14. Fawaz Abdulhamedd
    Fawaz Abdulhamedd
    14 小时 前


  15. Dee Stevens
    Dee Stevens
    15 小时 前

    Love 🖤 my Chris Tucker... still my 1st husband 😅

  16. Isabella Kirabo
    Isabella Kirabo
    15 小时 前

    No way Chris Tucker is turning 50. He looks fine

  17. Ms Jackson
    Ms Jackson
    16 小时 前

    Love ❤️ Chris Tucker…. Still funny AF 😂😂😂

  18. bbyflip1
    16 小时 前

    tucker impersonations are comedy specially the Jordan one 😂😂😂 !!! tucker is jacked 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼!! I wanna see him do another comedy movie !! or rush hour

  19. Jenique. T
    Jenique. T
    16 小时 前

    Love him

  20. ghostandgoblins
    17 小时 前

    Frech part of Compton? What's that you claiming!

  21. Bridget Robinson
    Bridget Robinson
    17 小时 前

    The luxuriant mexican comparatively repair because advantage emphatically stamp above a impossible begonia. awesome, precious reminder

  22. Nicole Odigie
    Nicole Odigie
    18 小时 前

    My absolute favorite comedian.

  23. Don Jazzy
    Don Jazzy
    19 小时 前

    Chris looking like Bishop Eddie Long

  24. Jonathan Munoz
    Jonathan Munoz
    19 小时 前

    Lmfao mannnn!

  25. Universal035
    20 小时 前

    Rush Hour 4 Chris Please?

  26. MtY TV On YouTube
    MtY TV On YouTube
    20 小时 前

    Funniest person ever

  27. Preston Jefferson
    Preston Jefferson
    20 小时 前

    Chris Tucker got Money. Looks like he's got on a Richard Mille Watch!

  28. Invite The Light Readings
    Invite The Light Readings
    天 前

    Haaa he got the basketball player walk down pat 😄

  29. Insta Cars
    Insta Cars
    天 前

    Nets just signed em

  30. toni
    天 前

    He was at great 6 of NBA finals, he stood at the door while Dave Chappell was out side smoking. Never would've thought I would see them in person! # Bucks in 6!!!!

  31. Barbara Balles
    Barbara Balles
    天 前

    I absolutely LOVE Chris Tucker! Unfortunately, he is very under appreciated. 🙄

  32. kwesi bell
    kwesi bell
    天 前

    Much love and respect to one of the best too ever do it in comedy in my open salute Chris frfr💯💯💯💯can't wait too see this brother back on the big screen or a stand-up special lol

  33. Cory Lion
    Cory Lion
    天 前

    Chris ready to bench press

  34. mel smith
    mel smith
    天 前

    Chris got 💪🏾💪🏾

  35. Илья Соловьев
    Илья Соловьев
    天 前

    че это за тип где джимми???

  36. El Negrito Panameño
    El Negrito Panameño
    天 前

    We need another Chris movie or 2

  37. Adam
    天 前

    Wheres jimmy?

  38. Escobar Jr.
    Escobar Jr.
    天 前

    The Bucks really Got DAAAAWGS! If u know u know😅😂

  39. 709
    天 前

    Anthony Anderson has shameful secrets that will soon shock all who are blinded by his charm. The truth will set your demons free bruh.

  40. Life AsQuay
    Life AsQuay
    天 前

    Did he just say they drink old people, babies, and lil kids?

  41. Goody T
    Goody T
    天 前

    Yep! Chris Tucker is still an old school comedian with a whole lot of class!

  42. Akinbobola
    天 前

    Chris Tucker looks like he can play Deebo now

  43. Trippy Dodo
    Trippy Dodo
    天 前

    Chris Tucker flew on Epsteins plane with Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton to Africa.

  44. Ken Future
    Ken Future
    天 前

    Chris still funny asf

  45. Rosio Reynoso
    Rosio Reynoso
    天 前

    Love Chris Tucker 😁 would love to c him on hot ones. Lol

  46. Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn
    天 前

    Chris tucker is still around? 🤣🤣🤣

  47. RH
    天 前

    Great to see him

  48. MJ ML
    MJ ML
    天 前

    He said “I’m what they call bandwagon.” Lol

  49. Isaiah Torres
    Isaiah Torres
    天 前

    Still heart broken we ain’t getting a finale to Smokey. A last Friday would’ve been one for the history books

  50. Dru Russ
    Dru Russ
    天 前

    The Comedian Shuler King must be related to this guy 😄

  51. Jay Duncan
    Jay Duncan
    天 前

    10/10 the Jordan impression did it for me awesome 👏

  52. danthajedi Nielsen
    danthajedi Nielsen
    天 前

    Im so broke right now if I was robbed, they would just be favorite chris tucker joke!

  53. Trife N Bars NR
    Trife N Bars NR
    天 前


  54. dudewithcomedy1
    天 前

    Really really cringe

  55. Papa Amat Diouf
    Papa Amat Diouf
    天 前


  56. Nicole M
    Nicole M
    天 前


  57. Meme 22
    Meme 22
    天 前


  58. Yuhmajusti Black
    Yuhmajusti Black
    天 前

    Two virgos together

  59. mcronn 100
    mcronn 100
    天 前

    Chris will always be smokey to me the the scene when the woman pulled up in the car at night was something i will never forget chris says janet Jackson you look more like freddy Jackson.!! 😂

  60. Lirio Galvan
    Lirio Galvan
    天 前

    I really love Chris tucker 🙏💜🇺🇸🇩🇴🌻🌞

  61. Gypsy Dragon
    Gypsy Dragon
    天 前

    Nice 💯

  62. lowkey_fla
    天 前

    Looks good for 50 !!

  63. Nathan J
    Nathan J
    天 前

    Fucckin funny guy

  64. O Bailey
    O Bailey
    天 前

    Chris Tucker looks AWESOME!!!

  65. Troy Cardi
    Troy Cardi
    天 前

    Chris looks like he's been lifting weights

  66. Tatum32
    天 前

    Sorry Chance The Rapper is not legendary🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Gio Chapo
    Gio Chapo
    天 前

    Where the skinny Smokey at??? This like watching Jordan on the wizards it’s cool but it kinda sucks🤷🏽

  68. xsanique c
    xsanique c
    天 前

    Chris looks damn good and he fine. He's grown man sexy. He could pass for 30 or 35.

  69. JBull The King Of Entertainment
    JBull The King Of Entertainment
    天 前

    no matter how old chris tucker is hes still the same and my favorite comedian

  70. Henry Dorval
    Henry Dorval
    天 前

    Chris Tucker looks just like Mike Tomlin here

  71. Juan Mollowda
    Juan Mollowda
    天 前

    Rush Hour 4 we need it

  72. sweetlou1973
    天 前

    Thank you for helping us laugh, Christmas!

  73. Tony Live
    Tony Live
    天 前

    Chris is naturally great!!! What a dude!

  74. Carolyn Essex
    Carolyn Essex
    天 前

    I can’t believe Chris is 50! Wow Happy Birthday Chris!!

  75. Mo Denise
    Mo Denise
    天 前

    Money Talks or Rush Hour 1?

  76. JarVis TV
    JarVis TV
    天 前

    RUSH HOUR 4???

  77. Karrion Kross
    Karrion Kross
    天 前

    How i wish we could get Rush Hour 4.

  78. Karrion Kross
    Karrion Kross
    天 前

    How i wish we could get Rush Hour 4.

  79. Renee Thornton
    Renee Thornton
    天 前

    This was a great show. If I had an opportunity to walk with Kareem and the Big O, my gosh I don’t know what I would have done. I probably would have told Kareem about the game when he got hurt and Magic stepped in and played Center and to Mr.Oscar Robertson himself I would have demonstrated how he took his foul shots. What fun that would be.

  80. Derek Misic
    Derek Misic
    天 前


  81. V-Way
    天 前

    Chris looks healthy! Still funny too. Rush Hour 4 is something I hope that wil happen.😫

    天 前

    Chris tucker is always 🔥

  83. Erik Pineda
    Erik Pineda
    天 前

    The MJ walk was on point! LMAO!

  84. KG Mams
    KG Mams
    天 前

    Chris is such a sport always, what an awesome set it was🔥

  85. Elijah Robinson
    Elijah Robinson
    天 前

    Is this Anthony’s show now? What happened?

  86. kono akilah
    kono akilah
    天 前

    Looking good Chris!

  87. KittyLazyBeamz
    天 前

    Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane i feel ya Chris.

  88. Lionel Stoxstell II
    Lionel Stoxstell II
    天 前

    Gotta Love Chris Tucker for sure!!!

  89. kaylaa
    天 前

    Literally still has thee *exact same* sounding voice, as he did in the first rush hour, all the way back in ‘98 😄😄🙌🏽🙌🏽

  90. Will
    天 前

    Amazing Virgo Legend❗️

  91. Brittany Mosley
    Brittany Mosley
    天 前

    Love him. Sooo damn funny

  92. Jonny Ray Guitar
    Jonny Ray Guitar
    天 前

    I see he has been making it to church on time

  93. Mary Jones
    Mary Jones
    天 前

    Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈

  94. Chaka Stallings
    Chaka Stallings
    天 前

    Love him😍🥰

  95. Eb
    天 前

    His jordan walk is point!😂😂😂

  96. Cxeri93
    天 前

    jesus his arms

  97. derrick brandon
    derrick brandon
    天 前

    Dat bird laugh 😂😂😂