Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Bezos’ Space Trip, Tom Brady’s Trump Shade & Finding His Mama Love

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Guest host Anthony Anderson talks about Jeff Bezos rocketing into Space, the crazy cowboy hat he was wearing, his spaceship resembling a penis, a monkey in India breaking into a liquor store and stealing a bottle of Kahlua, President Joe Biden celebrating six months in office, the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting the White House, Tom Brady’s jokes there including some Trump shade, and we go out to Hollywood Blvd so Anthony can help his Mama Doris find love in a new game called “Match My Mama.”

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  1. Dave
    15 小时 前

    Man, forget them haters Jeff. You do you bro.

  2. Felicia Santiago
    Felicia Santiago
    19 小时 前

    Billionaires are a waste of space, that money could literally save the homeless and jobless.

  3. Pierre Stevens
    Pierre Stevens
    天 前

    A natural

  4. Mary Woll
    Mary Woll
    天 前

    I can’t afford a new hip and I can’t get gov help.and these mofos!I have so much hate it makes me cry.

  5. Conversations that Matter: Nancy Peden & Friends
    Conversations that Matter: Nancy Peden & Friends
    天 前

    Hey Mama!!! I like the White guy for Mom. Boo Irving.

    2 天 前


  7. 13699111
    2 天 前

    Thank you Anthony !!!

  8. Devmanus __
    Devmanus __
    2 天 前

    69 dollars

  9. Wendy Muller
    Wendy Muller
    2 天 前

    Damn, that's a great suit!

  10. Tech Guy
    Tech Guy
    2 天 前

    I lied mama...cuz it's TeeVee... Got me there man

  11. mongrel2301
    2 天 前

    Vac seen fungus

  12. Toni Glick
    Toni Glick
    2 天 前

    That's a beautiful suit too.

  13. Tanya Anthony
    Tanya Anthony
    2 天 前

    He’s good.

  14. Jonathan Cano
    Jonathan Cano
    2 天 前

    When!? LOL that momma skit was funny

  15. Jonathan Cano
    Jonathan Cano
    2 天 前

    Give bezos a break it’s not his fault he did well like he says it’s us who paid him lol. But come on bro pay taxes if they don’t ask just give uncle Ben some anyway he’s prideful but he needs some for those bridges

  16. Kelt Wonda
    Kelt Wonda
    2 天 前


  17. SeanT Lewis
    SeanT Lewis
    2 天 前

    The find a date for my mama was so cute and sweet, I think I got a toothache. Well done!

  18. Murphy Jones
    Murphy Jones
    3 天 前

    Let me understand this guy spent billions on a space ship that was fully automatic . It didn't even really reach space real space stayed there for 11 minutes then come back down not before putting tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.. Then he thank all the amerzon employees which he pays crap money . And tipped 2 guys Involved in the space launch 100 million each . He pays no tax through some stupid tax loop hole in America . What a great man this dickhead is

  19. Charlie Garcia
    Charlie Garcia
    3 天 前

    How many times is he going to flaunt his ego?

  20. Anthony Abhishek Murmu
    Anthony Abhishek Murmu
    3 天 前

    Anthony Anderson needs his own talk show

  21. Ngozi Nnunukwe
    Ngozi Nnunukwe
    3 天 前

    I like terry and Greg.

  22. Lynn Taylor
    Lynn Taylor
    3 天 前

    I have to admit I've been avoiding this channel ever since the guest hosts came on but Anthony Anderson has been the best one so far from what I've seen.

  23. Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams
    4 天 前

    his mom is hilarious

  24. Danice Pieternella
    Danice Pieternella
    4 天 前

    that chocolate suit is gorgeous 🤩🤩

  25. Bobby Rehman
    Bobby Rehman
    4 天 前

    Greetings from India..!! DEar brother Anderson, you and Wanda Sykes are the only ones who have kept the hosting-quality on Jimmy's behalf..... BRAVO!

  26. Pem Dechen
    Pem Dechen
    4 天 前

    Bezos' new name ....'Bald Lightyear' ...thanks for this :)

  27. jaime delgado
    jaime delgado
    4 天 前

    theres so many online shops nowadays why do ppl keep shopping at amazon ?

  28. Joni Mari Cruz
    Joni Mari Cruz
    4 天 前

    And that damn hat doesn’t fit right, it sits too low on his noggin. He looks like the comical sidekick or something.

  29. Samsquamsh
    4 天 前

    What the hell is Antwon Mitchell doing out of prison??

  30. JDD1618
    4 天 前

    This guy is way too much for a comedy host. He sucks all of the oxygen out of the room. Next host please. Please.

  31. Tuber Life daily
    Tuber Life daily
    4 天 前

    Leave Jeff Bezos plz

  32. Jonathan Titus
    Jonathan Titus
    4 天 前

    1:00 - 1:30 😂😂😂

  33. Bahama ghost
    Bahama ghost
    5 天 前

    Why is this guy not funny anymore??

  34. Cyndi Petray
    Cyndi Petray
    5 天 前

    Give this guy (another) show!

  35. cell pat
    cell pat
    5 天 前

    The great Jeff Bozos.

  36. Pedro
    5 天 前

    2:41 Every self called “content” creator to their followers when showing the brand new house and/or top car.

  37. Michael Dittmer
    Michael Dittmer
    5 天 前

    Anthony Adams don’t want no business with that cowboy hat after those awful burgers at that joint he worked at in Harold and kumar go to wc

  38. Ana Shirin Razi Rabi
    Ana Shirin Razi Rabi
    5 天 前

    I’d watch Bachelorette for Anthony Anderson. Give AA his own show, this man’s comedic timing is incredible!

  39. Johno Queensland
    Johno Queensland
    5 天 前

    Bezo had to Pee in a bottle .. up in Space 😫

  40. Philip Lane
    Philip Lane
    5 天 前

    I bet many Amazon employees are wishing the bald one had stayed up there.

  41. lisa lisa
    lisa lisa
    5 天 前

    His mama is adorable 😍

  42. lisa lisa
    lisa lisa
    5 天 前

    Hey Jeff bezos, maybe you should pay your staff more and give them more time off and stop worrying about how big your space stick is. JS. Your statement about thank you for all your customers and all your employees paying for it was really insensitive and dickish.

  43. J. Gravett
    J. Gravett
    5 天 前

    Can Anthony guest host all summer?? He's killing It! 😁

  44. Florida Guy
    Florida Guy
    5 天 前

    “Bald Lightyear” 😂😂😂

  45. Aaron K
    Aaron K
    5 天 前

    Well...I never got a job from a poor guy.

  46. Silverfirefly1
    5 天 前

    If you're a very, very good boy/girl and you say your prayers every single night before bed, then MAYBE, just maybe, if you're very lucky, then Jeff Bezos might get a bit bored one day and idly wonder what might have been if his percentage of human wealth would have still been available within our shared global economies. Alternatively, your great grandchildren starve to death while actually working a shift in an amazon warehouse, which is unlikely... except... which outcome is more unlikely?

  47. Rebecca Benway
    Rebecca Benway
    5 天 前

    He looks damn good for 50

  48. KFC
    5 天 前


  49. Earth Member
    Earth Member
    5 天 前

    all these billionaires live in the states where the largest amount of homelessness is - how disgraceful

  50. amirou
    5 天 前

    where is Jimmy kimmel

  51. Sherika English
    Sherika English
    5 天 前


  52. C Lagler
    C Lagler
    5 天 前

    OMG time to take a break from buying on Amazon and support your local retailers

  53. Tigerlilly
    5 天 前

    this is too cute..

  54. gung agaolu
    gung agaolu
    5 天 前

    The rocket is shaped like Jeff Bezo's head, now call it what you want.

  55. B Well
    B Well
    5 天 前

    This monologue is hi-la-ri-ous…😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  56. B Well
    B Well
    5 天 前

    tb throwing shade….🤦🏽‍♀️

  57. B Well
    B Well
    5 天 前

    “i’m also gonna be the next bachelorette”….😂😂😂

  58. Chief Executive Orbiter
    Chief Executive Orbiter
    5 天 前

    Jimmy still in rehab?

  59. Maureen Wagg
    Maureen Wagg
    5 天 前

    Bezos is thanking people who sacrificed to send him to space...they were wanting him to remain there.

  60. G. M.
    G. M.
    5 天 前

    We keep these people rich! Stop buying their products and shop local. Help the small businesses!

    5 天 前

    At least the cowboy hat is not brown ...sheeesh!

    5 天 前

    I need the money no cap is a D×ck with balls bro people missed that is beyond me🥱

  63. Donna Crosby
    Donna Crosby
    5 天 前

    Anthony now you could have made better choices for your momma all three are two steps from the rest home

  64. John Anderson
    John Anderson
    5 天 前

    If you ask a bartender for a Donald J tRump... he pours you a White Russian.

  65. Adieu
    5 天 前

    What the hell is it with the sign language? Gimme back ma subtitles, I've been hard of hearing for ages but I don't understand that crap Plus reading doesn't need that creepy porn-grade emoting

  66. Evang Michael Norris
    Evang Michael Norris
    6 天 前

    What they are spending to continue punching holes in the ozone layer and feed their little petty egos could end world hunger. He says thank you from the bottom of my heart. What heart?

  67. garhull11
    6 天 前

    The man definitely makes the statement falsely attributed to Marie Antoniette sound humane

  68. SoundBug
    6 天 前

    Going to space without test pilot? Contact JEFF BEZOS 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 😆@

  69. Gänse haut
    Gänse haut
    6 天 前

    I think Anthony is a perfect replacement 😂

  70. Ana Velasquez
    Ana Velasquez
    6 天 前

    “You tell them!” 🤣🤣

  71. Shirlene Franklin
    Shirlene Franklin
    6 天 前

    I dont think they went to space. They went half way.

  72. God's Child
    God's Child
    6 天 前

    She looks great! Awwww gotta love Mom!!!

  73. Stanlo
    6 天 前

    Anthony is proudly his Mama's boy. You can tell she stood up.

  74. Dre
    6 天 前

    I can't watch this without Jimmy..

  75. Kellee Williams
    Kellee Williams
    6 天 前

    I love it!

  76. ray24051
    6 天 前

    I called Jeff Bezos little trip to space White People in Space, the only person that was deserving to go was Wally Funk this woman trained all her life for this. Bezos couldn't find any Black Or Hispanic or Asian people to go with him? He is nothing but a rich A- hole.

  77. intersanctum
    6 天 前

    That smug thank you from Jeff Bezos to his abused workers was one of the stupidest things I've ever heard in my life.

  78. Carl Jao
    Carl Jao
    6 天 前

    You can say whatever you want but this guy employed thousands of people Globally, and I'm one of those good money.

  79. S Riddle
    S Riddle
    6 天 前

    Rocket thang is funny

  80. S Riddle
    S Riddle
    6 天 前

    Keep Anthony, boot Jimmy.

  81. Glenn parent
    Glenn parent
    6 天 前

    it is a kock--like broke usa

  82. Glenn parent
    Glenn parent
    6 天 前

    usa is a broke facist regime

  83. Shawn Pyle
    Shawn Pyle
    6 天 前

    That was so funny 🤣

  84. Riggie P.
    Riggie P.
    6 天 前

    Whoopi Goldberg is Anthony's mom? Even down to the voice...

  85. Peter Charles
    Peter Charles
    6 天 前

    Bald Lightyear!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHA

  86. ih8myfriends
    6 天 前

    Hello ABC executives yes please Anthony Anderson is the best choose him to replace Jimmy thank you.

    6 天 前

    So... Has Africa launched a rocket into space yet?

    1. ojmsn
      6 天 前

      I think their priorities are in other places at the moment.

  88. arcemedies macdonald
    arcemedies macdonald
    6 天 前

    And as penises was short with a big head, just like Jeff.

  89. Saeed Abu-Bakar
    Saeed Abu-Bakar
    6 天 前

    Nice Suits, it matches his skin color 👍😂

  90. Brad Burns
    Brad Burns
    6 天 前

    LMAO - Anthony Anderson and his mama are hilarious! :D Great show!

  91. Patrick Bodine
    Patrick Bodine
    6 天 前

    Stupidity is the real PANDEMIC

  92. High and Tight
    High and Tight
    6 天 前

    It's official, him and his mom need their own show.

    1. kenneth schwartz
      kenneth schwartz
      3 天 前

      Which one is more obnoxious--tony or his annoying mom

  93. Jaime Salas
    Jaime Salas
    6 天 前

    Great monologue by the big homie

  94. Real life Lebowski
    Real life Lebowski
    6 天 前

    His mammy looks like Whoopie

  95. Fuckur Censorship
    Fuckur Censorship
    6 天 前

    You idiots he was making fun of Biden.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. FAB4
      6 天 前

      Right. Brady went to the White House for the first time since 2005 to make fun of the POTUS. He told two jokes comparing Trump and his idiot followers to idiot football fans. First, he said that, just like the 40% of Trumtards who don’t think Biden won the election, 40% of football fans are so stupid they don’t think he and his team won the super bowl. Then he makes fun of Trump’s moronic Sleepy Joe nickname for Biden by saying he was also unfairly called Sleepy Tom for forgettting sonething. Finally they agreed that it was great to be the oldest person to ever win the presidency and the oldest quarterback to ever win the super bowl. Brady made fun of Trump and his cult, admittedly the low hanging fruit.

  96. Sonny Weaver
    Sonny Weaver
    6 天 前

    I change it t he minute he brings up his mom again and again and again so annoying

  97. Sonny Weaver
    Sonny Weaver
    6 天 前

    Why he always have his mom on? So annoying

  98. Shannon Ware
    Shannon Ware
    6 天 前

    Anthony is very (VERY) good at this!

  99. Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert
    6 天 前

    I’ll be glad when Jimmy is back these hosts suck

  100. mike everhart
    mike everhart
    6 天 前

    " The closest he ever came to a cow is the time he stopped to take a piss at Arbys. " - George Carlin