Guest Host Anthony Anderson’s NBA Finals Monologue - Game Night 5

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Guest Host Anthony Anderson joins for Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Bucks & Suns, talks about Giannis taking a “tinkle” during the game, and he sits down with kids to find out what they actually know about the NBA.

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  1. Cw Johnson
    Cw Johnson
    50 分钟 前

    I would act like I don't know these kids if I was a parent I be wearing shades and big hat when I came to pick them up hahaha 😅

  2. caper087
    19 小时 前

    Evan the new goat!!

  3. 1800LUNATIC
    2 天 前

    13 years later and Evan is the projected #2 pick out of USC

  4. John Chu
    John Chu
    3 天 前

    Funny I always like Anderson

  5. kenneth schwartz
    kenneth schwartz
    3 天 前

    I haven't watched this--does tony force his annoying mother on the show??

  6. Ikina rarangal kong Ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo
    Ikina rarangal kong Ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo
    4 天 前


  7. Mr. Green Guy
    Mr. Green Guy
    5 天 前

    Seems like Evan Fournier finally got some love. XD

  8. Piano Armond
    Piano Armond
    5 天 前

    It's good to see a black host since Arsenio Hall on Internet television

    1. Emmanuel Oris
      Emmanuel Oris
      5 天 前

      Trevor Noah is black

  9. Armen Armelion
    Armen Armelion
    6 天 前


  10. luis stanziola
    luis stanziola
    6 天 前

    Kids cant even answer simple questions and this democrats still think a kid can chose what gender he is gtfo

    8 天 前

    "El antojito" Anderson :D

  12. KenndyMann
    8 天 前

    Anthony Anderson should really have his own show.

  13. 237 Doogie
    237 Doogie
    8 天 前

    what is this corny segment!

  14. Rick Ross
    Rick Ross
    8 天 前

    Wait what is happening with late night lately. Why are so many different black presenters hosting the show? And why are almost all of them better than jimmy Kimmel?

    1. Rick Ross
      Rick Ross
      天 前

      @nicos frangeskou bruh did you read my comment? I said they are good.

    2. nicos frangeskou
      nicos frangeskou
      天 前

      You have avproblem with black presenters???

  15. Loveyourselffirst Youfool
    Loveyourselffirst Youfool
    8 天 前


  16. steve jackson
    steve jackson
    8 天 前


  17. T-Bone Steak
    T-Bone Steak
    8 天 前

    Oh no, who let jimmy put on that makeup again! Didn’t he learn?

  18. Anthony Ali
    Anthony Ali
    9 天 前

    Evan Almighty🏀🏀🏀🏆🏆🏆

  19. Mert Kumak
    Mert Kumak
    9 天 前

    IS it me or does his head dont match his body?

  20. Renee Thornton
    Renee Thornton
    9 天 前

    The kids were cute especially the little girl who said that her brother Evan is the greatest basketball 🏀 player.

  21. Madonna Chich
    Madonna Chich
    9 天 前

    Hungry for midnight fun when I think of the one I feed eating yes the biggest Kimmel joke some pests cost to get rid of them. However, it is VIP to come along and know how a brother breaks free from societal error god forbids any time CEO style. Now I know Jackie now I give freely like Jimmy steals a home run beer and burger don't forget the pickles boss.🎎🎟️🎟️🎫🎫🎫🎈🎐🎖️🎏✨🎉🎍🎆🎋🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  22. maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen
    9 天 前

    Here with you at WTF Heat Rises

  23. vcarter0723
    9 天 前

    My favorite part was when the bucks were down by 11 points, but then the caterpillar shot the 3-pointer and those 12 points put them in the lead to win!!

    1. Tymon Wilson
      Tymon Wilson
      6 天 前

      there's a reason these players get paid thousands of dollars. they're amazing

  24. Teo Johnson
    Teo Johnson
    9 天 前

    Funny as hell 🤣 😂 😆

  25. Masivuye
    9 天 前

  26. William Cooley
    William Cooley
    9 天 前

    Evan > Michael Jordan and LeBron James combined

  27. Phil Flores
    Phil Flores
    9 天 前

    Giannis is our Favorite Player ever, From where he started to where he and his brother are today we admire them and are very proud of them . True gentlemen and we wish to see them win this championship with a well deserved team. Godbless you both and the Milwaukee Bucks G . You guys have this !!! Maybe our Sixers next year can revive the magic from this past season .

  28. Louie Marinda Jr.
    Louie Marinda Jr.
    9 天 前

    You guys will stop talking Giannis once suns win in 6 and take Championship in 7 …

    1. Andrew Jones
      Andrew Jones
      19 小时 前

      This aged well

    2. tiofilux daimey
      tiofilux daimey
      7 天 前

      This did not age well homie

    3. J. West
      J. West
      7 天 前

      I guess there won't be a game 7 😂

    4. Karan Odedra
      Karan Odedra
      9 天 前


    5. tiofilux daimey
      tiofilux daimey
      9 天 前


  29. Marlene Mounce
    Marlene Mounce
    9 天 前

    Anthony’s my fav after Jimmy and Arsenio

  30. Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts
    9 天 前

    Anthony is terrible. Just let Arsenio do all the guest spots

    1. Arnav Mathur
      Arnav Mathur
      9 天 前

      You’re tripping. Both are fantastic

  31. Cristiano Alves
    Cristiano Alves
    10 天 前

    “Best basketball player?” Mila - my bother is good. 😐 let’s take Evan to NBA Drafts ASAP!

  32. PROPH3CY
    10 天 前

    Watch Evan will be the next 🐐 in 20 years

  33. Judith Mais
    Judith Mais
    10 天 前

    "Suns More Turnovers than a Pastry Shop!" Priceless

  34. Jesse Fairbloom
    Jesse Fairbloom
    10 天 前

    Crazy how different the show is now that someon with comedic timing and skill hosts

  35. Sarah Pelletier
    Sarah Pelletier
    10 天 前

    The Video is really good and great

  36. Avraham Life
    Avraham Life
    10 天 前

    Can we talk about how gorgeous Anna looks?!

  37. RuthlessCalf678
    10 天 前

    Where is jimmy

  38. Rob Leonard
    Rob Leonard
    10 天 前


  39. I’m going to heaven. ✌️and good luck
    I’m going to heaven. ✌️and good luck
    10 天 前

    Congratulations Giannis!

  40. jluis90s
    10 天 前

    Anthony stay getting left hanging lol

  41. Jd Rems
    Jd Rems
    10 天 前

    Amazing host😁 awesome job Anthony 👍🏽

  42. Derek's Ho corner 2013
    Derek's Ho corner 2013
    10 天 前

    Jimmy Kimmel Anthony Anderson NBA game night 5 feel rightfully successor awesomeness job

  43. Steve Breezy
    Steve Breezy
    10 天 前

    He did a great job hosting

  44. Abul Waliuzzaman
    Abul Waliuzzaman
    10 天 前

    What happened Jimmy

    1. DOC2089
      10 天 前


    2. Marla M
      Marla M
      10 天 前

      @Nnamdi Nwoha lol 😂

    3. Nnamdi Nwoha
      Nnamdi Nwoha
      10 天 前

      He went to rehab for an addiction to steroids. He needs our prayers...

  45. Gabriel Seck Chuan Loh
    Gabriel Seck Chuan Loh
    10 天 前

    Yyoooooooooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy, the f*ck!??!?!?!

  46. D W
    D W
    10 天 前

    I got my degree on scholarship playing catapiller for BRF.

  47. Endale Dexter
    Endale Dexter
    10 天 前

    Keep Jimmy but give this man his own show bruh

    1. sehss077
      10 天 前

      @Versatile Wolf person!! Really!!? What did he do that make u say that? I'm genuinely curious here btw

    2. Name redacted
      Name redacted
      10 天 前

      Yea imagine if he had a sitcom that would be really cool

    3. Versatile Wolf
      Versatile Wolf
      10 天 前

      @Holly Golytely I’m glad that your mom is happy but Jimmy is not a good host nor person

    4. Versatile Wolf
      Versatile Wolf
      10 天 前

      Jimmy sucks…

    5. Holly Golytely
      Holly Golytely
      10 天 前

      @Zach Salvatore KEEP JIMMY!!!! My mom adores him!!

  48. Toronto raptors hwc
    Toronto raptors hwc
    10 天 前

    Looks like Devin booker wasn’t good enough to shake off that Phoenix Suns curse

  49. New Message
    New Message
    10 天 前

    Evan is the 🐐

  50. Ike Moore
    Ike Moore
    10 天 前

    Am I the only one who feels Anthony is Jimmy's rightful successor?

    1. Phil Flores
      Phil Flores
      9 天 前

      With you on that Ike . Yes he is !

    2. Californio
      10 天 前

      Anthony makes syndication money, he doesn't need the stress or distraction of a nightly show. Also, from a creative perspective, I'm sure he'd rather be doing tv shows and movies than interviewing other actors about their projects.

    3. mannie0414
      10 天 前

      Only 3 years younger, so not sure about Jimmy’s predecessor but he is showing that he has the x factor to lead a show of his own (if he is interested in doing so).

    4. DK
      10 天 前

      His rightful successor is Chris Pratt imo

    10 天 前


  52. Christian Ramadhar
    Christian Ramadhar
    10 天 前

    Not the same without jimmy!

    1. Yayi All day
      Yayi All day
      7 天 前

      It’s better now

  53. MSA (Music Sports & Action)
    MSA (Music Sports & Action)
    10 天 前

    booker vs bucks

  54. Payton
    10 天 前

    Tinkle Moment

  55. Hooper Prod.
    Hooper Prod.
    10 天 前


  56. Nugboy 420
    Nugboy 420
    10 天 前

    The suns imploded haha

    1. Nugboy 420
      Nugboy 420
      10 天 前

      @NoEphingIdea gettin all scientific here

    2. NoEphingIdea
      10 天 前

      I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that lol

  57. Tamara Calloway
    Tamara Calloway
    10 天 前

    The only thing i do not like about jimmy kimmel is the fake laughs and claps

  58. Nugboy 420
    Nugboy 420
    10 天 前


    1. Nugboy 420
      Nugboy 420
      10 天 前

      Well now sunday damn

  59. Tyler Hackner
    Tyler Hackner
    10 天 前


  60. Belted art
    Belted art
    10 天 前