Guest Host Nick Kroll on Creepy Matt Gaetz, Snowflake Shark Attacks & Guillermo’s Stand-Up

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Nick Kroll steps in as guest host and talks about being the boss at the show for a day, applying to be a writer at the show in 2005, Jeff Bezos going to space, Congressman Matt Gaetz attending a Free Britney rally, a snowflake story about shark attacks being rebranded as “negative encounters,” and he helps Guillermo make his stand-up dreams come true.

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  1. Moon Nugget
    Moon Nugget
    3 小时 前

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😹 Great job Guillermo! 😆🙌🏾 And you rocked that red leather suite! ❤️🔥❤️🔥

  2. Robert Platt
    Robert Platt
    天 前

    Sharks are awesome. If you mess up the balance of predators, it causes nuisances. Look what happens when there are no predators for deer.

  3. El Niño
    El Niño
    2 天 前

    Have Matt Damon be the show host 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Rikard Andersson
    Rikard Andersson
    5 天 前

    Yes let mexican guillermo sorry about the name. But where is jimmie the butcher? After trump said he gonna go after jimmy and all host who make fun of his orange as gonna have a problem and now jimmy is gone! Who is next?

  5. Graciela Zapata
    Graciela Zapata
    5 天 前

    Please come back jimmy !!! Please !

    6 天 前

    Just imagine Craig Ferguson comes to guest host this show

  7. SS
    7 天 前

    I tried but I couldn't like this new host. He sounds like narcissistic.

  8. Marta Villanueva
    Marta Villanueva
    7 天 前

    So funny, the alcoholic Guillermo saying , 'See'll you all at Starbucks!" Sending Prince a tekila.

  9. Loraine Jenson
    Loraine Jenson
    7 天 前

    Guillermo was better than Nick holly $h!! he sucks

  10. Lud Van Barbosix
    Lud Van Barbosix
    7 天 前

    sucks eternaly. Come back Jimmy, you're forgiven !!

  11. Addison Draper
    Addison Draper
    7 天 前

    I wish the show had been hosted by Liz and Liz.

  12. Lara Ihara
    Lara Ihara
    7 天 前

    Guillermo is RAW

  13. Amsyar Iman
    Amsyar Iman
    7 天 前

    Kroll did a great job 👏👍

  14. MUSE Studio
    MUSE Studio
    8 天 前

    I love how Matt Gaetz has become a total laughing stock. 😂

  15. Free Jazz Cigarettes
    Free Jazz Cigarettes
    8 天 前

    Does he have eyeliner on?

  16. VaughnG71
    8 天 前

    "See you at Starbucks" yeah no.

  17. Nick Rowsell
    Nick Rowsell
    8 天 前

    That there Gaetz boy sure is a good looking boy ... he’ll go down real well in the State Pen’ ... real well . . . heh heh heh

  18. WiscoGirl
    8 天 前

    Matt Gaetz's "Oops I did it again" remix is about to drop

  19. WiscoGirl
    8 天 前

    Hey Nick, can I get a 90k raise too, please?

  20. Donnan Huggler
    Donnan Huggler
    8 天 前

    Guillermo = savant

  21. Rocky does it all
    Rocky does it all
    8 天 前

    I actually skipped this video cause it was kinda C+ I can see why they didn't hire you. 🤣

  22. Charles Andy
    Charles Andy
    8 天 前

    Matt gaetz support's BLM Britney's life matters

  23. Chuck Childers
    Chuck Childers
    8 天 前

    Did someone out Colbert, Colbert?

  24. AJ Deadshow
    AJ Deadshow
    8 天 前

    Nice Jimmel lookalike, but where is he?

  25. Man of the Hour
    Man of the Hour
    8 天 前

    Jimmy Kimmel should have put on reruns during his vacation....

  26. Romeo Romero
    Romeo Romero
    8 天 前


  27. Martin Altois
    Martin Altois
    8 天 前

    Wow. Nothing is funny at all.

    1. Martin Altois
      Martin Altois
      8 天 前

      That's super bad. It is like German late night that does not survive mir than 3 months.

  28. Adam B
    Adam B
    8 天 前

    It's nice to see Guillermo take center stage, instead of just sitting on a stool off camera most of the time.

  29. Nick Braun
    Nick Braun
    8 天 前

    Title: " Washed up loser covers for other washed up loser."

  30. Chloe
    8 天 前

    Please, Britney, denounce Gaetz's support.

  31. Nichelle Stephens
    Nichelle Stephens
    8 天 前

    Is Joe Mande really a writer on Kimmel or did Nick just ask his buddy to be on the show?

  32. Artie B
    Artie B
    9 天 前

    I get the 1st joke, but to be fair, Bush did alot of humanitarian work in Africa.

  33. Tildenberry Tracks
    Tildenberry Tracks
    9 天 前

    Gaetz also defended Katie Hill. Katie is cute but, Gaetz was wasting his time. 😉

    1. Tyler Jakes
      Tyler Jakes
      7 天 前

      Hello, how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

  34. keitso
    9 天 前

    The only other best laugh than Guillermo's is Nick Offerman's. Congrats to both of your debuts Kroll and Guillermo!

  35. JayOne44
    9 天 前

    This guy is FUNNY? Jeesh "who else want's something " smh

  36. Wayne Mangan
    Wayne Mangan
    9 天 前

    The negative incident negatively effected my limb count

  37. Rob Low
    Rob Low
    9 天 前

    I thought Nick was Don J. R.

  38. Incognita True
    Incognita True
    9 天 前

    I looooveee that Guillermo has his Eddie Murphy "Delirious" suit on!😍

  39. Terry Quesenberry
    Terry Quesenberry
    9 天 前

    "We're Gonna Need A Bigget Boat!" Krolling

  40. Hunter Biden's Laptop
    Hunter Biden's Laptop
    9 天 前

    This guy looks like hes on hard drugs lol

  41. Catherine Bateman
    Catherine Bateman
    9 天 前

    Love the little man hilarious outfit take off of Eddie Murphy priceless!! Way to go Geermo sp? I work at Starbucks lol

  42. Ball
    9 天 前

    Let’s go Guillermo!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  43. mynamegoeshere
    9 天 前

    Why is he so obnoxious?

  44. jimmy Huynh
    jimmy Huynh
    9 天 前

    America ignored by constitution ! This guy fake comedy ! Fake audio fake laughing all fake

  45. williamperese
    9 天 前

    Matt Gaetz is the antichrist

  46. Jess Ragan
    Jess Ragan
    9 天 前

    Kroll is a horrible guest. He's like nails on a chalkboard, if the chalkboard had cancer and the nails were driven into your skull immediately afterward.

  47. Jay Jones
    Jay Jones
    9 天 前

    Love Nick Kroll giving Guillermo a stand-up tutorial, and not bad Guillermo those were some funny observations

  48. EnterTheCarp
    9 天 前

    Fish- eye-that- mug! Errrrr, Hi Nick! 🎤💨

  49. Rick Saunders
    Rick Saunders
    9 天 前

    Creepy Matt Gatez Really You forgot Joe Biden > Sniffy Swalwell Mr bang bang of fang fang

  50. acmeopinion factory
    acmeopinion factory
    9 天 前

    Christ, this guy is even more annoying in person than his stupid cartoon.

  51. OooS Ooo se
    OooS Ooo se
    9 天 前

    Nice to see someone who worked hard and has a lot of content most aren’t aware get a good shot on a historic show not as just a writer in the credits. Yeah, but I don’t think this is his area of expertise…. Honestly i miss arsenio, jerry seinfeld, and dave chappelle. And can we just cancel wheel of fortune for bob barker sake. I mean these spin offs sequels and substitutions aren’t as good. Nobody’s trying to replace Mr. Rogers, they just ended and paid respect with a movie with tom hanks( lebron space jam) for a fan of this man semi brutal

  52. Lakshmi G
    Lakshmi G
    9 天 前

    I don't know who this guy is. Hard to watch him - he had to mention that he is a stand up comedian. I'll wait till Kimmel comes back to watch the show

  53. RugNug
    9 天 前

    Heyyyyyy! Love the Eddie Murphy homage!

  54. friendlier
    9 天 前

    I love Nick Kroll's shows. But man, he is NOT Kimmel.

    1. ticojester
      8 天 前

      all these people in his stead keep proving that. he makes it look so easy

  55. David Carlyon
    David Carlyon
    9 天 前

    Guillermo by far the funniest thing about this show. His timing is brilliant.

  56. Thor's Twisted Beard
    Thor's Twisted Beard
    9 天 前

    Wow this guy sucks. Only made it to 6:16.

  57. A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow
    A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow
    9 天 前

    I wanna see Chris Hansen interview Matt Gaetz. "Have a seat, Matt."

  58. Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
    9 天 前

    Worst show in ages!

  59. Scotty Doggo
    Scotty Doggo
    9 天 前

    I loved Wanda Sykes she killed it .How about bringing her back

  60. Scotty Doggo
    Scotty Doggo
    9 天 前

    Gaetz should be locked away for life and throw away the key

  61. Horse & Oak
    Horse & Oak
    9 天 前

    Bobby bottleservice

  62. bishopconner hoagiebun
    bishopconner hoagiebun
    9 天 前

    After ALL these years, it never occurred to me, until Nick said "RoRRiguez", that Guillermo has the same name as my uncle Billy. Although, let's face it, the name Guillermo Rodriguez is as common as William Smith.

    1. Sopadecalavza Caballero
      Sopadecalavza Caballero
      9 天 前

      Tell me about it. Rorriguez is my last name,but it's my neighbors last name too,and the other neighbor at the dead end.

  63. Kevin Fegan
    Kevin Fegan
    9 天 前

    Years ago I used to work with a guy who had a name that was difficult to spell and pronounce. I don't think it was difficult for him to spell and pronounce his name, but others had difficulty with it. I think his name was Brian. Well, of course, that wasn't the difficult part, his last name was difficult. He became frustrated that often, he would have to spell his name and pronounce it multiple times for people. So, whenever he went to a restaurant, and he was in sales so he went to restaurants often, when they asked him for his name, he would say: "Bond, James Bond". Sometimes the restaurant host would get it, but usually they'd just write it down and say nothing.

  64. Jason Webster
    Jason Webster
    9 天 前

    If it says for external use only, don't eat it.

  65. kindtimetraveler
    9 天 前

    Man, I miss The Kroll Show!!!! Criminally underrated.

  66. E Ren
    E Ren
    9 天 前

    Matt 🍕 Gaetz...MAGATS 🎃

  67. I'm not good with screen names
    I'm not good with screen names
    10 天 前

    "Check your great white privilege" 🤣

  68. Jaymes Karr
    Jaymes Karr
    10 天 前

    Better be careful, Kroll got that show-stealing charisma! 🤣

  69. Casey Huff
    Casey Huff
    10 天 前

    Kroll was fun to watch. His reading off the prompter was a bit slow and noticeable at times but he was fun.

  70. ferox965
    10 天 前

    Why is Matt Goetz interested in Britney Spears? She isn't a teenager...

  71. shakizzle33
    10 天 前

    This was the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen!!!!

  72. Hannah Borcherding
    Hannah Borcherding
    10 天 前

    Why is everybody laughing about that discriminating stuff...

    1. Tyler Jakes
      Tyler Jakes
      7 天 前

      Hello, how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

  73. yep 1776
    yep 1776
    10 天 前

    Guest host? Is jimmy finally gone for good? I can only hope...

  74. Christopher Huff
    Christopher Huff
    10 天 前

    Get Bill Burr next.

  75. GQ Speed
    GQ Speed
    10 天 前

    Gaetz should be arrested and put behinde Bars!!! I totally agree. But we also need to remember that Jerry Seinfield did the same thing when he was 38. He dated a 17 yearold, but maybe he didn't take her on vacation through state lines!

  76. Naija Naija
    Naija Naija
    10 天 前

    Even Guillermo laugh alone is funny 🤣🤣

  77. Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon
    10 天 前

    What was the matter with Jimmy?

  78. Paul Escobar
    Paul Escobar
    10 天 前

    Nick Kroll looks very handsome.

  79. J Williams
    J Williams
    10 天 前

    Never noticed Nick's lisp. Been watching him for years.

  80. Lloyd Griffin
    Lloyd Griffin
    10 天 前

    I hate him 😂 and I'm Australian and no one ever said that

  81. Lloyd Griffin
    Lloyd Griffin
    10 天 前

    when does Jimmy come back? 😂 this is wrong

  82. John Patrick Corral
    John Patrick Corral
    10 天 前

    Audience; where's kemmel? Staff : YES!!!!!!!!

  83. Abby L
    Abby L
    10 天 前

    Love Kroll 😂

  84. Jimmy Guitar
    Jimmy Guitar
    10 天 前

    Big Guillermo fan here. Comedic genius!

  85. Carlito RD
    Carlito RD
    10 天 前

    Sorry @jimmy Nick is actually very very . . . Very good! 🔥

  86. zahra rashiid
    zahra rashiid
    10 天 前

    ...'Kroll me a river'!? Don't you mean Kroll you a 'sea'?

  87. Space Lemur
    Space Lemur
    10 天 前

    Marginally funny.

  88. Christina Snow
    Christina Snow
    10 天 前

    Making jokes about sharks is not ok.

    1. Christina Snow
      Christina Snow
      10 天 前

      Not ok.

  89. Grace Fleming
    Grace Fleming
    10 天 前

    I thought he was Jimmy on my tiny phone screen at first!

  90. Mr Object
    Mr Object
    10 天 前

    So was Kroll me a River hosted by Dennis Miller?

  91. Matthew Ganibi
    Matthew Ganibi
    10 天 前

    Viva la Ruxxin… forever unclean!

  92. Micheal Lewis
    Micheal Lewis
    10 天 前

    Nick Kroll is low hanging fruit

  93. Micheal Lewis
    Micheal Lewis
    10 天 前

    the missing duh

  94. Todd R
    Todd R
    10 天 前


  95. Phahlamohlaka Tiisetso
    Phahlamohlaka Tiisetso
    10 天 前

    Hi everybody, how are you doing ?

  96. Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell
    10 天 前

    Jimmy is genius to have so many people host for him

  97. jalabi99
    10 天 前

    It was the "Hi everybody, how you guys doing?" after every joke for me! Give Guillermo his own show!

  98. Picard Dobbins
    Picard Dobbins
    10 天 前

    The makeshift expert inadvertently meddle because pair subjectively surround next a automatic pepper. terrific, third daisy

  99. Martian74
    10 天 前

    Making fun of Greg Gutfeld's (7:19) show but it has higher ratings than Jimmy Kimmel Live.

  100. JG
    10 天 前

    I wonder how many people got the Eddie Murphy reference… hilarious.