Hell Hoop Shot for Charity with NBA Champ LeBron James

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Guest Host Arsenio Hall invites LeBron James to put his reputation on the three-point line in the most devilish and distracting basketball game ever… Hell Hoop! If LeBron sinks a single shot, a donation of $25,000 will be given to his charity The LeBron James Family Foundation.

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  1. Raymond Johnson
    Raymond Johnson
    2 小时 前

    Jordan: LeBron was the first to make it on Hell Hoops I took that personal

  2. Lamont King
    Lamont King
    3 天 前

    Clutch James 🔥👑

  3. MadFox Kitsunaï
    MadFox Kitsunaï
    3 天 前

    NBA champ...not this season !

  4. hmhill94
    3 天 前

    no one's gonna ask why arsenio is wearing a hoodie in LA in july

  5. Micah MM.
    Micah MM.
    4 天 前

    Good luck King 👑James

  6. Micah MM.
    Micah MM.
    4 天 前

    This is gonna be a slam dunk🏀

  7. ibrahim galledou
    ibrahim galledou
    4 天 前

    What a wise man ! It made me laugh to die when i see some right wing looser behind their screens who does nothing in their live because they don't like his opinion call him a "looser".

  8. Cull Obsidian
    Cull Obsidian
    5 天 前

    Illuminati confirmed

  9. MrBobDug
    6 天 前

    Da fug is this lebron da fug

  10. TREASURE 5214
    TREASURE 5214
    6 天 前

    They all need Jesus and Lebron please stay away from that devilish show all together Jimmy kimmel is pathetic and his next guess should spit in his face

  11. TREASURE 5214
    TREASURE 5214
    6 天 前

    God bless us all you satan worshippers better repent

  12. TREASURE 5214
    TREASURE 5214
    6 天 前


  13. Silly Gee
    Silly Gee
    6 天 前


  14. Faith Iserhienrhien
    Faith Iserhienrhien
    7 天 前

    There was a cut right before he shot the third one. That was not his third shot, I bet he needed many more..

  15. Marcus Rondo
    Marcus Rondo
    7 天 前

    I've watched Kimmel for years. Isn't this his first appearance on Kimmel?

  16. Straight Up SeeJayy
    Straight Up SeeJayy
    7 天 前

    I'd actually feel like I'm in Space Jam if I was doing that after hitting that blunt. That court looked sick 🔥

  17. Danny M
    Danny M
    8 天 前

    This host is terrible

  18. Roan Dollmann
    Roan Dollmann
    8 天 前

    Whene he looked at Guillermo he was like nah not him 😂😂

  19. Absolute Waves
    Absolute Waves
    8 天 前

    Hell hoop? Seriously?

  20. Easystyle TV
    Easystyle TV
    8 天 前

    Man Lebron dunk on those fake defenders like you do in real life king 🤣

  21. PD TV Reactions
    PD TV Reactions
    8 天 前

    definitely paid actors, lol

  22. Julio Maldonado
    Julio Maldonado
    8 天 前

    Greatest shot of his career and he knows it...

  23. Gabriel Carlos
    Gabriel Carlos
    8 天 前

    That shot was so hard 😭😭😂😂😂🔥

  24. Gabriel Carlos
    Gabriel Carlos
    8 天 前

    In the clutch🔥🔥🔥

  25. Aolmcml Desciple
    Aolmcml Desciple
    8 天 前

    All that Devil junk round them kids smh

  26. Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker
    8 天 前

    LeBron James best ever and GOAT

  27. JuiceWRLD Skimask
    JuiceWRLD Skimask
    8 天 前

    Where Guillermo at tho

  28. Slidaa
    8 天 前

    ESPN- Will this stop Lebron’s shlong from being in our mouths?

  29. Butler Petrizzo
    Butler Petrizzo
    8 天 前

    The thankful crow perplexingly examine because day grossly unite amidst a kindly stock. impolite, squalid router

  30. XY2Z
    8 天 前

    Best line...... "He's a Family Man , an Entrepreneur , a Social Media Superstar with millions of fans worldwide ALGORITHMICALLY speaking hes more than a Professional Athlete"....... "HE'S A K I N G"..........LOV3

  31. Steven Verdell
    Steven Verdell
    8 天 前


  32. Isaiah Watson
    Isaiah Watson
    9 天 前

    I winked for the one in the middle.

  33. HEALING RADIO - Radio curativa
    HEALING RADIO - Radio curativa
    9 天 前

    Hell hoops? Why not heaven hoops? ... Just confirming who he really sign to..

    1. Down Well
      Down Well
      8 天 前

      also notice how they never mention heaven or talk about Jesus christ

    2. Down Well
      Down Well
      8 天 前

      Can you explain what you mean by singed too.

    3. 7thOuterPath 7thOuterPath
      7thOuterPath 7thOuterPath
      8 天 前

      can you explain what's up with the hell theme.

  34. Ta-Seti
    9 天 前

    With glasses on.

  35. Andres Echeverria
    Andres Echeverria
    9 天 前


  36. MrDavidchuck
    9 天 前

    ... why not Heaven Hoop?

    1. MrDavidchuck
      9 天 前

      Not to mention... The shot everybody calling “clutch”, the hoop didn’t do its 360 rotation. It just rocked side to side.

  37. sahr lanzo
    sahr lanzo
    9 天 前

    And mind you his sun glasses was on too.

  38. Fresh Professor
    Fresh Professor
    9 天 前

    He made that look hella easy

  39. Julius Dehn
    Julius Dehn
    9 天 前

    Skip and Shannon finna do a whole segment about this

  40. Uncle Drew
    Uncle Drew
    9 天 前

    역시 릅신

  41. caper087
    9 天 前

    “He practiced that shot backstage so many times” - skip bayless

  42. haaland zheng
    haaland zheng
    9 天 前

    This is why he can beat 73w warriors.

  43. moritz
    9 天 前

    a „hell hoop“ for charity made by the chosen one. what a weird scenery

  44. jef
    9 天 前

    Finally guillermo

  45. John Jones
    John Jones
    9 天 前

    Miami Heat theme

  46. Hey Hey
    Hey Hey
    9 天 前

    Kyrie has entered the chat.... 🤣

  47. C Rob2257
    C Rob2257
    9 天 前

    Tf kinda Hollywood ritual is this??? Hell Hoops after LeBron’s first starring role? 😒 and they wonder why conspiracy theorists exist.

  48. D L L
    D L L
    9 天 前

    "That boy good"!!! -Arsenio Hall

  49. Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa
    9 天 前

    Why call it “hell hoop?”

  50. R G
    R G
    9 天 前

    Thats tough and d king makes it!

  51. Xavier James
    Xavier James
    9 天 前

    Jordan wouldn’t have missed those first two shots. Smh this why bron not the goat.

  52. Jack Binimbol
    Jack Binimbol
    9 天 前

    Who is this host? Boooooorrrriiiiinnnggg!

  53. The Excel Project
    The Excel Project
    9 天 前


  54. L D
    L D
    9 天 前

    Bron said this money is going right back into my pockets lmaooo

  55. Mario Messiah
    Mario Messiah
    9 天 前

    No charisma..Kobe better ..rip the goat

  56. Wirvy
    9 天 前

    Curry would have made that on his first try 🥱

  57. Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq
    9 天 前

    I rebuke this. Lol They stole this segment from infinite challenge

  58. Yiggaman
    9 天 前


  59. Show Out Luchie
    Show Out Luchie
    9 天 前

    Pay attention & wake up, devil worshiping set up.

  60. JCL Systems
    JCL Systems
    9 天 前

    What "can't" this man do!!

  61. Kevin Ratzsch
    Kevin Ratzsch
    9 天 前

    Love how they spent 50K on the basketball court

  62. Robles9721
    9 天 前

    Space jam 2 was trassssh

  63. OJ9779
    9 天 前

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore lol. These are the end times people turn to Jesus 🙏🏽

    1. OJ9779
      4 天 前

      @yes its me I’m glad you acknowledge Jesus existence. The reason he hasn’t been back to judge the earth is because his love is so great for us that he gives us an opportunity to repent and live free of sin. Open your heart to Jesus and he will free you from this spirit of unbelief.

    2. OJ9779
      4 天 前

      @Ishmael MohEphesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Dear Lord I ask that you touch this mans heart through the Holy Spirit and that he bows his knee before you so he can gain discernment and see through the spirit and not just through the flesh. The Devil is after your children. Stay vigilant God bless 🙏🏽

    3. yes its me
      yes its me
      8 天 前

      when i was 6 y/o i was told that the world is coming to an end and that was 55 years ago .150 yrs ago, ellen white warned people that they need to repent ,as end of the world was imminent in a year time .Where is she now, and we are still here .Jesus doesn't threaten /scare HIS people ,only Satan's Disciples do ,which many of them are masquerading as Christians ,but actually theyre not ,like you are! Nobody knows when HE is coming back .But ,if you do just give away all your possessions ASAP , including your phone ,PC etc, as you will not be able to take them to cemetery and use them .

    4. Montell Miyagi Haynes
      Montell Miyagi Haynes
      8 天 前

      @Ishmael Moh tbh, they don't have to call it Hell hoop tho... its not even October so wat is the relevance? It could have easily been Space Jam fully themed instead of incorporating little bits of it...

    5. Ishmael Moh
      Ishmael Moh
      8 天 前

      You people r weird af. Just miserable with your own lives. Not everything is demonic and illuminati. This is just all fun n games. Promoting a damn kids movie. Publicity 101 dude

  64. Le'KING Supreme
    Le'KING Supreme
    9 天 前

    The only goat to go clutch with a Thousand dollar pair of shades on

  65. jay masterflash
    jay masterflash
    9 天 前

    What happened to Jimmy Kimmel? Just wondering.

  66. Evan Lewis
    Evan Lewis
    9 天 前

    and lebron aint clutch huh? 😂

  67. Black Boy D
    Black Boy D
    9 天 前

    Dam Lebron missed 2 wide open uncontested shots ......

  68. A.P.H. H.P.A.
    A.P.H. H.P.A.
    9 天 前

    Men LBJ just a amazing person keep doing what you do hush them haters

  69. R Lee
    R Lee
    9 天 前

    make it farther away. its too close to a freethrow at this range.

  70. JiGGa Fresh
    JiGGa Fresh
    9 天 前

    Keep playing with the devil and you'll get what you've been asking for!

  71. Jedi MiNd TrIcKs
    Jedi MiNd TrIcKs
    9 天 前

    HELL hoop shot? LeBron dark arts confirmed!!

  72. Keefey Tho
    Keefey Tho
    9 天 前

    I’m just happy that Guillermo finally got to stand next to Lebron 😂.

  73. DanielTV
    9 天 前

    Let’s be honest. Curry would’ve made all of them like nothing.

      9 天 前


  74. Jim's Playground
    Jim's Playground
    10 天 前

    LeBron’s a chill guy :))

  75. mike marcus
    mike marcus
    10 天 前

    I miss that LeBron celebration

  76. Vonte’ UGLY 93
    Vonte’ UGLY 93
    10 天 前

    LeBron know better man… you know damn well some of us putting 2 and 2 together man… come on bro… Hell Hoops? Like man wtf

    1. Montell Miyagi Haynes
      Montell Miyagi Haynes
      8 天 前

      Lool he looked slyly taken aback tbh like "wtf"

  77. Scott Rooney
    Scott Rooney
    10 天 前

    Well that was weird af what’s with the hell theme just random?? And the baby???

  78. Apollo
    10 天 前

    hell ain’t got nothin on lebron

  79. bs s
    bs s
    10 天 前

    Chris Bosh made it in the first try

  80. J S
    J S
    10 天 前

    The Hell stuff is kinda weird…

  81. MKultraInstinct
    10 天 前

    HMMM the satanic free mason Lebron James playing “hell hoop shot” Seems LeFitting

  82. Kill Shot
    Kill Shot
    10 天 前

    Jordan would have made all 3

  83. gr4verrr
    10 天 前

    I respect the Space Jam 2 hustle 😂✌

  84. Soul Kush
    Soul Kush
    10 天 前


  85. Jay Rambo
    Jay Rambo
    10 天 前

    By far the hardest shot LBJ has taken in his career! That was hard!

  86. Stingers MadHouse
    Stingers MadHouse
    10 天 前

    Hiding in plain sight .. and nobody notices

  87. Charles Rum
    Charles Rum
    10 天 前

    holy fk this was so cringe

  88. King Santana
    King Santana
    10 天 前


  89. Uxo Pump
    Uxo Pump
    10 天 前

    Thats why lebron the goat

    1. Keyila L
      Keyila L
      9 天 前

      Because he plays with demonic

  90. Christopher Jordan
    Christopher Jordan
    10 天 前

    Arsenio cringe

  91. K Sewell
    K Sewell
    10 天 前

    Jesus loves you

  92. Moe Lester
    Moe Lester
    10 天 前

    why are they wearing masks? are they not vaccinated?

  93. James Wittmann
    James Wittmann
    10 天 前

    Nah dude this ain’t it this world needs god

    1. Keyila L
      Keyila L
      9 天 前

      LeBron dosent feel comfortable he realizes what he doing ig

    2. Keyila L
      Keyila L
      9 天 前


  94. Colby Kelley
    Colby Kelley
    10 天 前

    Jaylen Brown made it

  95. theofficialnumber22
    10 天 前

    he made it cos he said kobe

  96. Jr Weaver
    Jr Weaver
    10 天 前

    He never misses 2 in a row

  97. Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio
    10 天 前

    God bless everyone

  98. The Thinking Man's Templar
    The Thinking Man's Templar
    10 天 前

    When did "Hell" become so mainstream? It's like they trying to make it light hearted and a joke .

    1. MarlonBitoy
      18 小时 前

      Since Dante’s Inferno in 1320. This isn’t new. The reason why hell became “soft” in pop culture is simple. Intolerant Christians, violating the rule to treat all with respect and empathy, tend to deem anyone who doesn’t 100% align with their lives as “bound for hell.” This is merely a reaction to that; actual hellish behavior has been diluted by oversensitive evangelicals declaring anything and everything as “dammable behavior” instead of trying to actually follow the Book they claim to follow.

    2. specialagro
      7 天 前

      That's there plan.

    3. Crystal Cordova
      Crystal Cordova
      7 天 前

      Those little red guys blowing in the wind… literally wearing number 6… crazy.

    4. J C
      J C
      10 天 前

      It’s crazy , they are out here deceiving so many people, Yeshua is on the way soon!

  99. gamerboy
    10 天 前

    He’s literally wearing that same out fit rn at the suns game lol

  100. Carlos Gamero
    Carlos Gamero
    10 天 前

    Is it me or this LeBron looks like a Gucci clone 😂