Hell Hoop Shot for Charity with NBA Legend Chris Bosh

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Guest Host Anthony Anderson invites soon-to-be NBA Hall of Famer Chris Bosh to put his reputation on the three-point line in the most devilish and distracting basketball game ever… Hell Hoop! If Chris sinks a single shot, a donation of $25,000 will be given to the charity of his choice: Team Tomorrow.

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  1. Cristiano Alves
    Cristiano Alves
    5 天 前

    Not trying to start a fight, but Bosh did it waaaay better than LeBron. That’s why this man deserves to be an HoF! 👍🏾

  2. Akashi DeMoN
    Akashi DeMoN
    6 天 前

    so basically infinite challenge show American version

  3. Starress McBride
    Starress McBride
    7 天 前

    I thought Phoebe was interviewing him this episode lol

  4. The Stick
    The Stick
    9 天 前

    Sucks to think he would be in his last years in the NBA rn

  5. Moses Ungson
    Moses Ungson
    10 天 前

    Man, I wish he could have stayed in the league longer if he wasn't diagnosed w/blood clots 😣 Glad to see you in the HOF, CB! Well-deserved 💯❤️

  6. Deez Nuttz from Brooklyn
    Deez Nuttz from Brooklyn
    10 天 前

    For the record, CB isn't a legend! He would've been another Vince Carter if he didn't bring his talent to South Beach

  7. No One
    No One
    11 天 前

    Man, that forced perspective makes Anthony look tiny!

  8. YouTube User
    YouTube User
    11 天 前

    Mickey Mouse hoop

  9. MARTIN Kay
    MARTIN Kay
    11 天 前

    Is this a joke?

  10. Lawrence Spellman
    Lawrence Spellman
    12 天 前

    I guess they let anyone into the Hall of Fame now.

  11. Sanjin
    12 天 前

    Literally no challenge lol.

  12. Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick
    12 天 前


  13. Troy Kitchens
    Troy Kitchens
    12 天 前

    He made it in one shot. Stand up guy. Just the name of the charity sounds awesome

  14. Naeem
    12 天 前

    Dude always been underrated and underappreciated

  15. Doug VanDyke
    Doug VanDyke
    13 天 前

    Chris Bosh should play the Prowler in the MCU

    1. Randy H.
      Randy H.
      11 天 前

      That would be dope.

  16. Margaret Peabody
    Margaret Peabody
    13 天 前

    "The Ring", contortionists sure distracted me. Congrats to the person who dreamed up this creative idea!!

  17. Margaret Peabody
    Margaret Peabody
    13 天 前

    It was fun to watch Bosh's genuine giggles as Anthony described each level of distraction.

  18. ØŦ
    13 天 前

    So easy, just aim where the hoop is going

    1. The Goat Alfred
      The Goat Alfred
      13 天 前

      You bricking it

  19. Devastinator
    13 天 前

    Awww yeah, made it on the first shot!

  20. Valmir Gashi
    Valmir Gashi
    13 天 前

    This just shows that this man carried LeBron to two rings🗿

  21. Sarah Pelletier
    Sarah Pelletier
    13 天 前

    The Video is really good and great

  22. Coach Playz 321023
    Coach Playz 321023
    13 天 前

    Christina bosh

  23. hector negron
    hector negron
    13 天 前

    Chris who?

  24. dub88acc
    13 天 前

    Ben simmons would've made this with his eyes closed

    1. Peyton marceaux
      Peyton marceaux
      12 天 前

      @Eduardio Reedzki III vico

    2. Daniel Sterling
      Daniel Sterling
      12 天 前

      @Eduardio Reedzki III lol

    3. Eduardio Reedzki III
      Eduardio Reedzki III
      13 天 前

      I mean it’s like he always shoots with his eyes closed anyway

    13 天 前

    Lebron to Bosh who's next 🔥

    1. King Kev
      King Kev
      13 天 前

      D Wade

  26. D A R K
    D A R K
    13 天 前

    He still got it!🔥

  27. DAVID
    13 天 前

    I love this game 🔥🌟

  28. Luke Amato
    Luke Amato
    13 天 前

    Nothing but net

  29. New Message
    New Message
    13 天 前

    Thought he was wearing a retainer for a second.

    13 天 前

    Chris bosh legend man! Always could stretch the floor

  31. Precious Flores
    Precious Flores
    13 天 前

    Hell Hoop 4 Charity 😂😂😂 Complete with Demons & Squids 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...

  32. Abhishek Choudhary
    Abhishek Choudhary
    13 天 前

    So Tall 🤨

  33. L.A Lakers 2020 champions
    L.A Lakers 2020 champions
    13 天 前

    Who misses this man

  34. ThuginLikeAYoungin
    13 天 前

    1:52 she freaky and with the shits no cap omm

  35. Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan
    13 天 前

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that the LuhGIEMM one made our day Great:

  36. Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan
    13 天 前

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that the LeGM one made our day Great:

  37. ATalkingBadger
    13 天 前


  38. ms ns
    ms ns
    13 天 前

    doesnt he have blood clots

  39. konstantinos spirtos
    konstantinos spirtos
    13 天 前

    "25k to charity! Oh and Chris you get a prize too! A creepy doll"

    13 天 前


  41. Adil
    13 天 前

    Look at Bosh man, so Inspirational.

    1. Alex ll
      Alex ll
      4 天 前

      man of culture

  42. Tuvshin Tuguldur
    Tuvshin Tuguldur
    13 天 前

    I miss my man 🥲

  43. Jay Bryant
    Jay Bryant
    13 天 前


  44. Akhil ji Kadavil
    Akhil ji Kadavil
    13 天 前

    Damnnnn who the fooooook is that guy 😁🍑🍑

  45. Vega
    13 天 前


  46. Monky Dollqueen
    Monky Dollqueen
    13 天 前