Jay Pharoah on Impersonations, Filming in Mauritius & Getting Pooped on by a Fruit Bat

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Jay talks to guest host Arsenio Hall about his new Netflix movie Resort to Love, impersonating Katt Williams in a web chatroom, his Denzel impression, his message for a guy on X-box who has been impersonating HIM, and he talks about filming in Mauritius and getting pooped on by a fruit bat.

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  1. Falana Jerido
    Falana Jerido
    12 小时 前

    He should had him to imitate somebody

  2. Josh Masden
    Josh Masden
    14 小时 前

    1988 - 1994; Hall All Day; Fox put him on National Spotlight just like In Living Color, Martin, Living Single, New York Undercover, and Bernie Mac Show. Why they cancelled Wanda at Large and Lil Rel Show is weird. Jay, Aries Spears, Benji, and Jamie Foxx, and of course # 2 GOAT, Eddie does great voice multiple voice impressions !

  3. Tyrant60
    19 小时 前

    Hell yeah Arsenio, EASILY top 5 talk show hosts ever

  4. Yunior Cruz
    Yunior Cruz
    天 前

    jay pharoah.... Awesome outfit 😎 👍🏽

    天 前

    No disrespect Kimmel but you know ARSENIO Hall should replace that CBS white guy.

  6. youssef heisenberg
    youssef heisenberg
    2 天 前

    Bro i can't focus on the guest if arsenio is the host

  7. Nininahazwe Yves-Irene
    Nininahazwe Yves-Irene
    2 天 前

    Jimmy Kimmel giving his platform to black people. Kudos to him.

  8. Paul PJ Prevot
    Paul PJ Prevot
    3 天 前

    Can’t you just hear Jay Pharaoh singing 🎤🎵the HUMPTY DANCE it’s yo chance..🎵RIP Shock G🙏🏽

  9. Al Foreman
    Al Foreman
    3 天 前

    Jay should hire Jimmy's band to play that funky groove whenever he enters any room.

  10. Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation
    3 天 前

    He's the secret love child of Will Smith and Eddie Murphy 😂

  11. wayno SACKIEL
    wayno SACKIEL
    3 天 前

    If jimmy call him boy would've been out cry lmao

  12. Fortune Hunter
    Fortune Hunter
    3 天 前


  13. Junior D
    Junior D
    4 天 前

    Why Arsenio look like he got on a prosthetic head.

  14. Thrizzeat
    4 天 前

    Jay out here looking like my character in GTA online 😂

  15. Kenika D
    Kenika D
    6 天 前

    What the hell happened to Arsenio's voice? Seems like he's playing around with Helium and shouting a lot.

    1. Steelstreet1 Crew
      Steelstreet1 Crew
      5 天 前

      I think she finally caught up

  16. Tony Amani
    Tony Amani
    6 天 前

    All I heard was Eddie Murphy, Will smith and Denzel Washington in that order

  17. Infinit01
    6 天 前

    Arsenio the legend! Jay with all the talent that he is

  18. Yaash Callicharan
    Yaash Callicharan
    6 天 前

    Bruh I'm Mauritian and I didn't even know they filmed a movie here

  19. Off Da Cuff w/BiG Jefe & ULIKA
    Off Da Cuff w/BiG Jefe & ULIKA
    7 天 前

    I feel like it was a missed opportunity that Arsenio didn't ask him to do the Eddie Murphy impression. 😕

  20. Anthony Washington
    Anthony Washington
    7 天 前

    I think a daytime show for Arsenio hall would be a great idea. He tried the comeback years back late at night didn't work. A network should pick Arsenio up for a daytime show. I needs to be in the entertainment business. Sean John give me one chance to work for Volt

  21. Big GuadaTV
    Big GuadaTV
    8 天 前

    Will smith act good af

  22. Shu Wilson
    Shu Wilson
    8 天 前

    Give Arsenio his own show!!!!

  23. Peter Max-Jones
    Peter Max-Jones
    8 天 前

    This is lit🔥

  24. L V
    L V
    8 天 前

    He looking fresh as hell! 👌

  25. Virginia Akrofie-Bruce
    Virginia Akrofie-Bruce
    9 天 前

    I really hope you come back Arsenio. You are one of the best hosts. You bring out all the talents of each guest. A gift Arsenio & you are beautiful inside & out. Please please come back. We need a black host very badly. I love you Arsenio. Just keep being you. You are a sweet man. Love Virginia Goddess Blessings 🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿❣🙏🏿

  26. David R
    David R
    9 天 前

    Jay Pharaoh looks like Eddie Murphy's body double.

  27. Richard Green
    Richard Green
    9 天 前

    I can hear Will Smith in his voice!

  28. Timothy Alexzander Carthan II
    Timothy Alexzander Carthan II
    9 天 前

    I wonder if was he talking about Azzerz

  29. Renee Thornton
    Renee Thornton
    9 天 前

    Yes, it has truly been some enjoyable nights with Arsenio Hall and his guests. Hope to see more of him late night.

  30. TheeMilesMonk
    9 天 前

    If an android phone was a person…..its Jay

  31. lox ho
    lox ho
    9 天 前

    I forgot his regular speaking voice sounds like Will Smith

    1. D J
      D J
      天 前

      Actually, a combo of denzel and will.

    2. Shibishi MSI
      Shibishi MSI
      8 天 前

      Yeah his actual voice sounds like With Smith

  32. Reilus Johnson
    Reilus Johnson
    9 天 前

    PS5 gang gang ✊🏿😁

    10 天 前

    He does so many voices he doesn't even know who he is...lol.. when he talks regular I keep hearing Will Smith.. then I hear Eddie Murphy... see it's so many people in his head he doesn't have his own personality... that's crazy

  34. Elizabeth McIrvin
    Elizabeth McIrvin
    10 天 前


  35. DoggyZworlD
    10 天 前

    It eases my frustration to know that a celebrity can't get his hands on a PS5 either. C'mon Sony what's with this effed up situation of PS5 shortages???

  36. 1Bo Boga
    1Bo Boga
    10 天 前

    Soooo Conan's spot is open,

  37. Ray Ray
    Ray Ray
    10 天 前

    So I saw clips of the second night that he filled in, and while I thought he was okay, for the most part was meh - this one made me nostalgic - this man should still have his own show.

  38. Jordi Forsack
    Jordi Forsack
    10 天 前

    Did they actaully make Arsenio look older in coming 2 america? Dude looks much younger and cool. Also love that he gives the guest so much time to talk.

  39. Stanley Van Wissen
    Stanley Van Wissen
    10 天 前

    Almost same story as dave Chapelle and Katt Williams.

  40. Waterbearer
    10 天 前

    Are there animals in Mauritius?

  41. Mr L wiseman
    Mr L wiseman
    11 天 前

    Dressed up, like he's Denzel in training day

  42. The End
    The End
    11 天 前

    need a lighter background for Black Host

  43. Brandon Paxton
    Brandon Paxton
    11 天 前

    Looks like his son 😂

  44. Julia
    11 天 前

    It’s good to see Arsenio back on 📺

  45. H15T0RY YT
    H15T0RY YT
    11 天 前

    Arsenio got his show back again 😂 much love 💛

  46. akaziaj
    11 天 前

    The OG of late night! Arsenioooo Hall!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  47. Blaq Hawk2k
    Blaq Hawk2k
    11 天 前

    Arsenio needs to create his own show over the net 🥅 so the network can't shut him down.

  48. classyboy04
    11 天 前

    Bring back Arsenio!!!!

  49. detroitplaya1004
    11 天 前

    ARSENIO should follow Kimmel on TV

  50. black white
    black white
    11 天 前

    Bring Dave Chappelle

  51. Tito
    12 天 前

    Arsenio is great !

  52. MillyRock
    12 天 前

    I would Love to see Arsenio with his show again. Watching him now reminds me of hope Dope he's been for years now!

  53. misskia22
    12 天 前

    I mean seriously how freaking old is Arsenio Hall??

  54. Lasse
    12 天 前

    Jay out here cosplaying Mike Lowrey

  55. chellecat
    12 天 前

    I stopped watching Kimmel because he flips out, embarrasses and attacks people he disagrees with. The Mike Lindell attack was the last straw. Kimmel needs to go. Areseneo is such a nice breath of fresh air!

  56. Bryan Rene Scenes
    Bryan Rene Scenes
    12 天 前

    Where tf is jimmy kimmel ????

  57. Norecipesfusion
    12 天 前

    Arsenio Is Culture he is Hip Hop he the reason for a lot of talent the Micheal Jackson of Talk Show Just Saying. This what black excellence supposed to look like get this man back on TV we all need this one.

  58. Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller
    12 天 前

    Love katt Williams and yes he is full on

  59. Jenito João
    Jenito João
    12 天 前

    JAY, Why dont make a joke about Mauricias Been Beautfull?? 💯

  60. Sydney Webbe
    Sydney Webbe
    12 天 前


  61. Marlene Kennedy
    Marlene Kennedy
    12 天 前

    Arsenio is amazing. I love his energy. He is the best host for Kimmel

  62. Butch Reed
    Butch Reed
    12 天 前

    Arsenio wit no flat top is like cereal wit no milk. A pb minus the j.

  63. Franklin Kopecky
    Franklin Kopecky
    12 天 前


  64. Angelo Pillay
    Angelo Pillay
    12 天 前


  65. Nailah
    13 天 前

    Two greats together

  66. Melvin Mansoor
    Melvin Mansoor
    13 天 前

    0:36 they don’t shake hands but they get right up in each other’s faces and say hi. Enough with the semantics

  67. kameelkhan8
    13 天 前

    Jay’s real voice actually sounds like a mix between Will Smith and Denzels Training Day voice.

    1. Will M
      Will M
      9 天 前

      @Ray Ray Denzel is from New York, Will close by Philly and jay pharaoh is from Hampton roads Virginia where there’s a BIG New York community that migrated at the turn of the century to work on the ship yards of Norfolk

    2. Ray Ray
      Ray Ray
      10 天 前

      I thought/caught that too - more Will Smith than Denzel but an amalgam of both.

  68. Daniel Cuffie
    Daniel Cuffie
    13 天 前

    F dem kids🤣

  69. gula-gula getah sabah
    gula-gula getah sabah
    13 天 前

    Damn, to think Jay Pharoah started doing impressions on youtube. Well, that's the first I saw of him

  70. Anubha Baird
    Anubha Baird
    13 天 前

    If Arsenio was hosting every night I would never miss a show. Funny. Wholesome. Humble. Genius. "Humour is a hidden wisdom." Sri Chinmoy

  71. Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend
    13 天 前

    I love this man and it’s awesome that he’s doing this!!!! It’s past time!!!!! Respect sir!!!!!👍🏻💯☮️☀️🌳🎯💨🛠🌊🐟❤️🌍🌙✊☺️

  72. K P
    K P
    13 天 前

    Arsenio looks good...its like he aged backwards

    1. Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba
      13 天 前


  73. Sewing with Patrick
    Sewing with Patrick
    13 天 前

    WAIMENT... is it me... or do they not look like father & son. Wow. They could play well in a movie... or better yet, he could play Arsenio in a biopic. 👀😳👏🏾

  74. Kimi Minor
    Kimi Minor
    13 天 前

    My “white kids” would sneak watch Arsenio when he had his show. I was sound asleep. I was going to school as a single parent and was exhausted. I would catch his shows when I could. We were all totally bummed out when the show stopped. He’s was the best late night. Better than the big Johnny Carson.

  75. Dirty Dave
    Dirty Dave
    13 天 前

    I'm too young to have watched Arsenio's show but obviously have seen YT clips. He has a great presence about him.

    1. Symphony Swing
      Symphony Swing
      10 天 前

      Ohh he outsined the guests almost everytime

  76. Ja Carr
    Ja Carr
    13 天 前

    I see the comments: 'He's a legend' 'He's so loved' But when he got his show back .... 🤬🖕🏾💥

  77. Aldridge Moodley
    Aldridge Moodley
    13 天 前

    Y all the black guest hosts they really trying to make America great, I’m black just a question are they covering something up or more distraction?

  78. Yezzir A
    Yezzir A
    13 天 前

    Damn he gave away the whole movie at the end.. sheesh lol

  79. Kristin Bennett
    Kristin Bennett
    13 天 前

    When Arsenio had his show, all the other late night show would ask him what black comedians, actors, musicians and movers and shakers they should book. His show was awesome, and I believe he still has the spark. Remember, this isn't his show, and he probably didn't even give his all, but his interview skills are great and with age brings wisdom. (Even though he could still pass for 40)

  80. Levyn KHS
    Levyn KHS
    13 天 前

    Any mauritian out there Ki dire man frere et soeur!!

  81. Slovenia 1
    Slovenia 1
    13 天 前

    I am Mauritian,I never got pooped on by fruit bat.😅😅But for him ,I don't know how??🤣🤣🤣So unlucky.

  82. Jeradiah Williams
    Jeradiah Williams
    14 天 前

    I know who he's referring to. If I'm not mistaken........it's the guy who's about to be the new Cleveland Brown on Family Guy

  83. Marx 1684
    Marx 1684
    14 天 前

    Y'all can't just take this away like this. This is mean.

  84. Jak h
    Jak h
    14 天 前

    Jay and Anthony Macky could definitely play cousins in a movie

  85. Anna Meredith
    Anna Meredith
    14 天 前

    seems like Mr Hall is mocking Mr Pharoah, like a frenemy

    1. Anna Meredith
      Anna Meredith
      13 天 前

      @Hulk Papa TV i don wan no smok

    2. Hulk Papa TV
      Hulk Papa TV
      13 天 前


  86. Jessica Katz
    Jessica Katz
    14 天 前

    This was such a charming interview for both of them ❤️❤️ Arsenio needs to come back! Give them man his show!

  87. Jonathan schaefer
    Jonathan schaefer
    14 天 前

    He’s dressed like Tupac

  88. Koke Zilla
    Koke Zilla
    14 天 前

    This dude is not funny

  89. TheBooklion
    14 天 前

    As a Mauritian, it's a first to see my island been mentioned on a US late night show. And our fruit bats are cute but yes, the mosquitoes are vicious!!!

  90. Kim Sellers
    Kim Sellers
    14 天 前

    Mr. Charisma. Gracious, funny, talented and the best smile ever! Time for some color in Late Night TV.

  91. The Progressive Goldbug
    The Progressive Goldbug
    14 天 前

    Oh Man…Arsenio’s interview style was always his own and he falls right into it now as if he never left us. 🙏

  92. Aka Iced Tea
    Aka Iced Tea
    14 天 前

    The movie kinda sounds like midsummer night's dream. Guess I gotta see it to tell.

  93. The Leed
    The Leed
    14 天 前

    Woop Woop Woop!!!!!!

  94. Spectator 007
    Spectator 007
    14 天 前

    people clapping for playstation… priceless!

    1. Hulk Papa TV
      Hulk Papa TV
      13 天 前

      Most popular video game company in the world

  95. latinadoll74
    14 天 前

    Arsenio is awesome 👏🏽🔥

  96. Sherry Hesner
    Sherry Hesner
    14 天 前


  97. Taleah Brown
    Taleah Brown
    14 天 前

    When Jay talks, I never know if he's doing an impression or not...

    1. Steven Harris
      Steven Harris
      10 天 前

      Bro!!! I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Hulk Papa TV
      Hulk Papa TV
      13 天 前

      Hey beautiful

  98. The Great 1
    The Great 1
    14 天 前

    Arsenio felt right at home.

    1. J L
      J L
      14 天 前

      That's because he is. He's a natural and we NEED him back!

  99. Annie
    14 天 前

    Jay do me a voicemail with Eddie Murphy's voice. My number is... 901-sofunny.🤣🤣🤣

  100. Vince Garcia
    Vince Garcia
    14 天 前

    someone called it "black reacting"